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sitcom delays marriage

so i read an article entitled ‘three won’t be a crowd in 2050’ in today’s age newspaper. in it an ‘expert’, demographer bernard salt, attributes the trend of women delaying marriage until they are older to the sitcom friends. essentially he is says that tertiary educated women watching friends see a group of 20 something single friends living together and that is why women in australia are getting married later in life.

argh hum, mr salt, or should i just call you, mr talks through his arse, don’t you think that the change in economic and social status for women may be, and i’m going out on a limb here, so you may have to excuse my wild theories, plays more of a role in women marrying later in life? just a wild guess.

my sister watches friends, she’s 26 and married. i have only seen a couple episodes of friends, am 31 and single. so a sample size of 2 doesn’t give weight to my argument, but that’s just an example closest to hand and if i was to do a proper rigorous survey i’m sure the result would be the same.

and where did the ‘journalist’ lisa pryor find this guy? if she wanted ridiculous quotes i could have come up with a lot better ones than that. ‘yes, women are marrying later in life because they get pets earlier on in life and it is a statistical fact that people with pets live longer, so these women can afford to be single for longer’.

now i may be too harsh on mr salt and it could be ms pryor’s misquoting or taking the quote out of context to fit her 300 word limit, but really. all i can say is that lucky for me i am a tertiary educated girl who can recognize a pile of bollocks when she reads it.