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domestic diva

slept in this morning, was good to not wake up to the alarm. it was overcast outside and i didnít really fancy going to soccer training, wouldn't have made it on time anyway, but i was productive day. of course as soon as i started doing stuff the sun came out and it was a glorious day.

i can now cross off 2 items on my ambitious to do list. ok they were small things but nevertheless they are ticked off. i cleaned my fridge and i finished making the fridge magnets. they turned out pretty well. now i have to decide how i am going to divvy them up and who i will give them to.

i was in major domesticity mode this morning. i dusted the whole apartment, including the window sills (more like scrubbing and thus a major achievement), put out the dollies that my baba gave me. now my place is a real wog place. i vacuumed and rinsed off the bowls that i got from c for my birthday. i did a few sketchs today, a couple of the lilies i got from birmingham boy. the lillies have opened up and look and smell glorious. i also sketched a photo of my mum. while it didnít turn out as i wanted it to (my sketches never do), it is recognisable as her (or maybe just to me).

two soccer games tomorrow, i will be absolutely knackered.

anzac day tomorrow or rather today back home, lots of bbqs for the long weekend.

yesterday was pay day but my whole pay check was spent on bills, some expected others not (damn the state excise tax on cars). very depressing. no fun or games for me for a couple of weeks.

if anyone actually reads this please visit jen grayís site. she posts the most beautiful, inspirational pictures. i emailed her this morning to tell her so and i got an email back a few hours later. she sounds like a very generous, kind person.