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aim: to suck a little less each day

so hard to get up this morning. i don't know if it was because of the pouring rain, but i was and still am very very tired.

it would be great if i could have 2 lovely days in a row. after feeling so special on wednesday yesterday was back to the drab, lonely, not specail at alol existence that is mine. guess it can't be my birthday everyday, although i would like to feel like i did on wednesday everyday.

birmingham boy sent me a gorgeous bouquet of lillies, that have just begun to open up. my apartment should smell glorious this evening when i get home. he also sent me another book also by thomas armstrong, this book is titled dover. he really went out of his way for me for my birthday and in recent times i have been talking more with him than my family.

a week and a half until my first drawing and photography classes begin. i am so excited about them and very very nervous too. i signed up for them so long ago, and finally i will be attending them. i'm going to totally suck, but that's ok because by the end of it i will suck less than i did when i began, and when it comes down that's all i can really ask for, to suck less than i did the day before.