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bush tucker

I'm making an Australian meat pie and lamingtons while writing this. I was invited to a potluck dinner and was told to 'bring something Australian'. Ha, I was born in Australia, lived there almost my entire life and have never made anything that would be considered typically Australian. Pumpkin scones, pavlova, lamingtons, ANZAC biscuits, meat pies..... never (I have however done prawns on the BBQ). So now I am making a meat pie and lamingtons. Of course I will have to do a bit of research as to the origin of the lamington, as that is the kind of crowd that will be at dinner tonight. The night will be a departure from my usual Saturday night of washing and videos, so in a way I am looking forward to it.

The other day I enrolled in 2 classes at the Worcester Art Museum, an introductory drawing and an introductory photography class. I have been meaning to take some classes for a while now but I have always been away for a few weeks at a time when they have been on. While not exactly a novice in the darkroom and with a manual camera, I figured I may as well start from the beginning and not assume anything. I was hesitant about signing up for the drawing class. For a while now I have had the feeling that I should be doing more with my hands. I've done some sewing, knitting and tapestry, pretty much everything that follows a pattern, nothing really 'creative'. When I have finished the project I have felt satisfied, but wanted more. I tried just picking up a pencil and drawing objects, boy did that suck! I could never get it to look like I wanted. So I figured I’d borrow some books from the local library and follow what they had to say. While I am pretty good at following instructions, I didn’t get very far, so when the brochure came for adult classes I thought why not. I was a bit hesitant about spending that much money and still come out of it sucking, so I called the education service at the museum and spoke to a fantastic girl there. I told her about my concerns and she told me that if I got frustrated easily and gave up without trying then it would be a waste of time and moment. I had to laugh at that because I thought of all the failed experiments I had done in my life and how many times I had tried them and variations of them before dropping them. I thanked the girl, and signed up for the class. If nothing else I will learn some of the ‘rules’, and possible try my hand at abstract stuff if I still feel the need to draw.

The witches hats that were placed on the intersection across the road from my work building where the accident took place the other day (mentioned in the last entry) didn’t last very long. Semis were running over them and then the wind would push them to the edge of the road. Yesterday though they remarked the lines to permanently widen the road. Hopefully no more crushed VW wagons.

Question…. Why do drivers insist on going over the stop lines at traffics lights by 2 or 3 feet when they had seen that the lights were red and when there is no need for it e.g. blind spot?

Something I remembered I liked….. cooking for other people.