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sun skirts boys and phones

The weekend produced beautiful weather which produced my bare legs to the New England area. Run for the hills people, actually I was in the hills this weekend…. Stay in your houses, lock yourself away and definitely protect the delicate eyes of your kiddies. I have 100% Mediterranean blood in me, so I have olive skin. In my case that only means that in the summer time I have a nice colour and that I don’t burn easily. It doesn’t mean though, that in the winter months I retain that colour. In the winter I become whiter than Renee Zellweger . Seriously I kid you not. So this weekend I figured I start to wear skirts to try and remedy that.

I went to a maple syrup farm on Saturday to ‘learn’ about the whole tapping of the trees and maple syrup productions. Actually, I just went to have waffles and real syrup at their café and to take a long drive and some pictures.

Later on that day I headed round to Northampton, a glorious college town that is full of funky galleries, cafes and has a great music and artsy scene. But none of that was to be had on this trip I was hunting for yarn. Yes that’s right, I know I said I wasn’t going to buy anymore yarn but I did. And these two projects are going to be for me. A shawl for the chillier spring nights and an afghan just cos the yarn was so cool.

Sunday morning I donned gardening gloves and helped out the condo association with some gardening. It was another perfect spring day with just enough breeze to keep you from sweating too much. After a few hours of wrestling with weeds, edging and grass, I took a book, some music and headed down to the park to scare some children with my lilly white legs. Much people watching was had.

Later that night I felt like talking, a lot, so I went down my telephone list. It was too late to call anyone in Europe so I started on the aussie list. Called my dad at home, no answer, I knew my mum was busy at work, she said so in an email, so i couldn’t call her. called my sis, but her hubby was home and they were just on their way out, called my aunt but she wasn’t home, so I talked to my uncle for a while. Then I called veggie boy (after not speaking to him for 4 months) and left a message on his voice mail (he still hasn’t called back). So I finally got to chat with my lovely talented friend paul about well… crap really but it was great to hear his voice. I have had a secret crush on the boy for years and years now, and have never done anything about it.

Not satisfied, I then called the ex. The love of my life the boy that broke my heart. After I don’t know how many years of non communication I called him out of the blue. We had a great conversation about our jobs, where our lives were headed (no mention of current relationships), catch up stuff you know. He said he was glad that I called him, and he didn’t think it was brazen of me to have called him like that.

That night I dreamt of boys again, and the next night too. Most of my dreams these days seem to be about boys, having fun with them, messing around, them being my boyfriend. It’s not always the same boy, but there are 3 that I dream of consistently. One is close, in fact he is sitting behind me at the moment, the other 2 are far away. I am seriously considering online personals to try and find myself a summer romance. I mean, how else do I met someone? But shhhh, don’t tell anyone, I am a little embarrassed by it.

This entry has taken me about 3 hours to write because I am writing it at work between doing things, so it probably doesn’t make sense and I have no time to re read it before I post it, not that my longer posts are literary works, but…. Blah, you know what I am saying right?