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pink daydreamer

I’m dressed in pink today. Not a conscious decision, as most days I don’t really think about what I will wear to work, I just pull out whatever is clean and put it on. Sometimes I clash royally other times I look so put together you would think I had a stylist. Today’s ensemble, starting from the bottom, my pretty pink flower shoes, jeans (not pink), I’m pretty sure pink knickers (it was a while ago when I put them on and the bottle of wine I had last night has ensure that I haven’t needed to pee yet) , a sheer pink peasant blouse style top over a pink tank., oh and a pink clip in my hair. Ladies and gentlemen we have a girl.

Moving right along… I have been day dreaming a lot lately about a more exciting life. I have conversations with myself. For example:

Me 1 - ‘so, how was your night last night?’

Me 2 – ‘oh it was good. When I got home from work I opened up a bottle of wine, took my book and the wine and sat outside soaking in the afternoon sun’

Me 1 – ‘that sounds lovely’

Me 2 – ‘yeah it was. Then a friend came over and said he would treat me dinner, so I got dressed up and we went to the fancy fish restaurant and had a lovely dinner. We stayed until closing as we had befriended a couple of out of town businessmen who kept buying us drinks’

Me 1 – ‘lucky you’

Me 2 – ‘indeed’

Of course only one part of this conversation is true, I did come home from work and open a bottle of wine and take my book outside and soak in the afternoon sun, but no friend came round, no dinner was had, no businessmen were met. After the sun went down and the air turned crisp I went inside and continued drinking while knitting and listening to music.

While I would love for friends to drop by, hell I would love to have friends here, I like my little daydreams. They don’t make me sad, they just make me laugh, and that is a good thing.