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I have been invaded by a girl who likes to shop and buy pretty girly skirts and shirts and pretty shoes with flowers on them and who likes the colour pink. My bank balance is not happy with this invader but I think the rest of me is…. for now.

It all started a few weeks ago when I bought a few pairs of dressier, dangly, not the type you wear all the time earrings and decided that I would wear a different pair each day. To actually remember to wear them I placed all the earrings in an empty film canister and placed it beside my toothbrush, so that when I finish brushing my teeth in the mornings I put on a pair of earrings. And let me tell you, it totally works, fancy that!

Then I bought some fitted, but not too tight, colourful (I’m talking, greens and reds and bright blues and yellows, and sometimes all those colours in the one shirt) t-shirts. All my other t-shirts are the oversized, no shape style, you know the ones that make you look 25 sizes bigger than you really are. Those purchases didn’t make me think that anything was really wrong with me, but then I bought a pair of blue loafer style shoes. When I first spied them I thought they were brilliant and totally me, or rather the classy, stylish me I want to be and would be if I had megabucks. But while trying them on I started thinking. ‘where and when would I wear these? I never go out so it would be a waste of money”, but they were so cool. It was at that point that I decided I would stop wearing sneakers so much, ie everyday, and I would wear nice shoes to work. So 1 pair of cool non sneaker shoes. Could just be a one off thing so no need to start thinking anything is different with me. But then, I bought a dress. A DRESS I tell you, a springy/summery dress. Really pretty and flowy and totally girly. This is where I knew that I had been possessed. Of course I have nowhere to wear this dress, and there is no way I will wear it to work, major ridicule factor and I will probably spill some chemicals on it and ruin it, but I decided even if I just wear it to the supermarket it will be worth it. The thing just made me feel so pretty.

The dress and the shoes opened a flood gate and since then I have bought a couple cute skirts, a pair of pink shoes a pair of bright green shoes and a few flowery shirts. If I start buying makeup I am a total goner and the person that I was before would have completely been smothered. It will be like a bad horror movie.

So if you see a way overdressed girl in the supermarket, that’ll be me. You can compliment me on my dress if you like.