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spring clean

Last weekend I went through my closet and dresser and took out all the t-shirts with holes in them, all the clothes I never wear, all my holey socks and underwear, and discovered that I had a tonne of space and didn’t actually need any sort of extra storage room. The clothes that were still in good shape, and there weren’t that many, went to good will, kind of ironic really because I shop there. The other stuff went into the dumpster. I found a couple of jumpers that I had forgotten about, and since it looks like winter will stick around for another few months their find was timely. I was a bit optimistic or ambitious in that I threw away all my ‘fat’ jeans. I may have done a silly thing and may have to visit the good will store in search of jeans that fit in a few months, but I am hoping that I will not balloon out again.

This weekend I think the apartment (and I) need a shake up. I think I may change all the furniture around. It will keep me busy on Sunday when the weather is supposed to be crappy and it will keep me out of work which has become my default again when I feel bored or my hands have cramped up too much from knitting for hours. It will also keep me too busy to overeat.

When I was younger and still living with my folks, I would rearrange the furniture in my bedroom every 6 months or so. There were only so many possibilities given the size of my bed, my desk, and the limitations of the room, but I always felt refreshed and as silly as it sounds, felt renewed. So my hope is that rearranging the furniture in my apartment will help me on the long road back to ‘normalcy’.

I’m also thinking that if I continue with this spring cleaning, spring may actually come!