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back to reality

Last week I had a break from the norm and looked after a Scotty named Beckham. Heís a good dog, although he does have his issues, which arenít his fault. His owners got him from an animal shelter. He had apparently been abused because his jaw is offset, he doesnít like having his feet touched, he doesnít play and he goes absolutely psycho (embarrassingly so) at strangers. Unfortunately he canít be left off leash when outside, but my week with Beckham reminded me of how much I miss having a dog in my life. Iíve decided that if I ever live alone again, no matter where I am, I will have a dog.

Other advantages of last week where living in a lovely, warm, modern house, being away from the city and walking around exploring new areas and watching sunrises.

The only drawback was having to shovel the driveway twice when we had a couple of decent dumps. It took me 2 hours each time, and while fantastic exercise, I was definitely buggered afterwards.

Now I am back in my tiny cold apartment, but I am keeping busy with some new knitting projects. I made my mum a jumper which had cables. It was the first time I had ever tried knitting cables and am so proud of how they turned out. At the moment I am working on a bag for a friendís birthday, some toys for my niece and I have yarn coming for a vest for me and a jumper for my niece. See I said I was keeping busy.