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first my dad. turns out he has gallstones and they have to remove his gall bladder. they are not going to do this until next week, as this will give his pancreas sufficient time to get back to normal. he is still on a morphine drip, oxygen and still has all sorts of tubes coming out of him. he is in better spirits though, as he was joking around with my mum earlier this morning.

next, veggie boy. havenít heard from him. after feeling guilty last weekend for being less than supportive, i called him on monday night and left him a message, basically apologising for being a bitch and suggested that if he couldnít talk to me, then he should really talk to someone else. like is said i havenít heard from him at all.

finally, therapy. i did go and see the psychiatrist, as many of you suggested. thank you, by the way. i talked to her, told her i was feeling much better. she asked the usual questions about abuse in the family, me wanting to hurt myself etc etc. she was a little concerned with my drinking habits, but i assured her all was fine, and it was just a phase. so she told me i didnít need medication (i could have told her that), but suggested that i might benefit from talking to someone regularly. i am to cheap to pay to have someone listen to me, so i figure i will call in some favours when needed. i will try and make a concerted effort to head it off.

i am off to a work conference tomorrow, and will be back on thursday. this is something i am not looking forward to at all. hopefully i will be able to blow off a few sessions and get to go to all the wonderful museums again.

thatís all folks.