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worrying news

my dad is in hospital. my sister called me early this morning to tell me that he was taken by ambulance from work earlier on in the day. the doctors arenít sure what is wrong and he is scheduled for an ultrasound tomorrow morning (australian time). his pancreas is inflamed, he is in severe pain (on morphine to control it), his heart rate is low so they have him on oxygen, he has a catheter to monitor his urine, they had a tube down his stomach to flush out his digestive system and he is severely bloated, he is also jaundiced. they think it may be gallstones but wonít know until they do the ultrasound. hopefully it is nothing more serious than that.

the symptoms first started a year ago, and they ruled out gallstones then, but in the past few months they have come up again with more frequency. the bloody idiot didnít tell the doctors in emergency that itís been happening regularly. he told them that this is the first time. i donít understand why the bastard would do that. what has he to gain from lying to them?

it sounds horrible but i am more angry at him than worried for him right now. at least now he is in care. for months now he has refused to go to a doctor and no matter how much my mum pleaded with him he refused. maybe now some sense has been knocked into him. stupid old man, i hope he is ok. i really do love him.