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itch with a capital b

i had a lovely thanksgiving day with a family that takes in strays. lying in bed later that digesting the 4 meals i had eaten in one sitting, the phone rings and it’s veggie boy. he had just found out that one of good friends back home had died. the guy was 25 years old and had either over dosed or committed suicide, veggie boy wasn’t sure of the details. we talked for a while and i asked him a few times if he wanted me to come over for company. he said he’d be ok and that he had to make a couple of calls and tell other people the bad news. ‘can we hang out tomorrow night, after i finish work’ he asks. ‘ of course we can’ i reply.

so the next day, on my way home from work, i stopped by the pub he works at and gave him a flower.

with a screwed up face he asked ‘what’s this for?’

‘because you are sad about your friend’

‘i’m too busy to be sad’

‘well that is probably a good thing for now’

‘i can’t talk now’

i am thinking this is not like him, but then again i have never seen him while he’s been in work mode, and the thought of his friends death is most likely playing on his mind.

‘yeah i know i only stopped by to see how you were and to give you the flower, for which you are welcome by the way’ i turn towards the door

‘hey come back’ and he grabs my arm as he say ‘thanks’

‘no worries, you sure you are ok?’

‘yeah i am fine’

‘ok well i shall talk to you later on then’

later that night i head over to the pub. i see veggie boy playing an arcade game out back with one of his work buddies. i decide to let them finish their game. i figure he knows where i will be and he’ll come over. his work mate comes over to get a drink, but no veggie boy. he probably had to place an order or finish some paperwork or he’s gone out for a smoke, i’ll see him soon.

2 hours passed and i hadn’t seen him. i was feeling like a bit of a dick. and to be honest i was pissed at him. i went home expecting to have a message on my machine from him, but there was nothing. so i called him.

‘hi, it’s me, where are you?’

‘i’m at home, where are you?’

‘well i was at the pub waiting for you but now i am at home, i thought we were going to hang out tonight’

‘oh, i forgot’

me getting even more pissed off ‘you forgot you wanted to meet up with me?’
‘i have a lot of things on my mind right now’

‘yeah i know that and you should talk to someone about it if it is too much you know, but you forgot you were going to meet up with me?’


‘ok then, well take care of yourself’


and that was the last i heard from veggie boy, on friday. i know i may have been too harsh on him, too selfish, and i do hope he has talked to someone about how he is feeling.

i think that was the end of our short romance.


i’ve been told by a friend that i am being ‘girly’ and that i should call veggie boy once. if it turns out shite then i can’t feel any worse, but if it doesn’t then i am the compromising winner.

firstly i don’t want to be the ‘winner’ and secondly, i may have chosen the wrong time to put my foot down, but now that i have made up my mind, i won’t call him, even if i am cutting off my nose despite my face.