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rollercoaster weekend

this weekend was just a rollercoaster of feelings. i get home from class on friday night about 10.15pm to find a message on my machine from veggie boy saying he is really knackered and that he will be going home to bed around 9pm, so we wonít be meeting up tonight, but just in case plans change he will give me a call. i did a few things around the apparent, partly kind of waiting to see if he would call and partly because i needed to clean up the apartment. it got to 11pm and he hadnít called, so i figured he must have gone home. i felt like a beer or two so headed off to the pub. i walk over to my usual spot at the end of the bar when i spy veggie boy in the back room playing an arcade game. oookay i think. so i get a beer, sit at the bar, say hi to the staff and listen to the band playing. 30 mins later he comes up to the bar and says 'i heard a rumour you were here', to which i reply ' i heard a rumour you were really tired and went home hours ago'. i was pissed, because i would have at least expected a call saying you know i am staying or whatever. turns out they got busy about 9, so he stayed until closing and was about to leave when he found out i was at the pub. i probably overreacted but given the shit that happened a few days before i just saw it as a culimination of Ďtreat chlamygirl as shití week. i hardly spoke to him and it took him a good long while before he even touched my hand (unusual for him). of course after a few beers i had enough guts to tell ask him if i had to find another pub to drink at. he had no idea what i was talking about. i donít think we resolved anything even though we did talk about it. so he left because he had to be at work at 9 the next morning, and i continued to drink. i got nice and drunk that night.

i spent saturday at work for a while, then spent a very frustrating couple of hours trying to find a pair of jeans that fit. if i did find pair that fit i would have maxed out my credit card buying as many as i could just so i wouldnít have to go through the wretched experience again for a few more years. my problem is my muscley thighs. if i find a pair that fits comfortable on the thighs, they are swimming in the waist. but if i try a pair that fits around the waist i feel like i am going to split the jeans across the thighs when i try and sit down. grrrr.

saturday night i found myself attending an opening for 2 painters. my friend eamon from photo class told me about it and so i showed up and since i didnít know anyone else i pretty much clung to him all night. a friend of his neil was in the same situation so the three of us hung out together drinking and making each other cry with laughter. after we finished all the beer that was on offer, we finished all the wine that was opened and then when that was all gone we got our hands onto whisky. and at first decided it would be a good idea to sip at it, that didnít last very long and we started doing shots. i didnít once think of veggie boy as i was having way too much fun.

after two consecutive nights of getting really really drunk, sunday was my chill day. i didnít even get around to doing laundry. i snoozed, watched the perfect score and drugstore cowboy. veggie boy called to tell me that he had monday off and would i want to meet up with him after i finished work. sure i said. i am not sure what we are going to do or what the mood will be like. thereís a good chance that he was called into work today because thereís a red sox rally downtown today. so he may just be really tired and we will sit in silence for a couple hours until it gets too much and one of us says that they have to go. cynical and pessimistic i know, but iíd rather be surprised in a good way than be as disappointed as i was last week.