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weekend bullets

* can you believe it, underwater extreme ironing?!? and we australians hold the ‘world’ record. it’s kinda like the red sox winning the ‘world series’.

* went to the worcester art museum yesterday to check out two exhibits. both were wonderful. the first was a photographic exhibit keeping shadows. 100 photographs, from mid-19th century to digital images from nasa space probes. the exhibition, celebrates the worcester art museum’s 100th anniversary of exhibiting photography as fine art. it features works by ansel adams, imogen cunningham, harold edgerton, dorothea lange, eadweard muybridge, man ray, alfred stieglitz, charles sheeler, todd webb, edward weston and so many others. it really was inspiring. the second exhibit i saw was the japanese masters of mezzotint . this exhibit was extraordinary. the way they were able to create gorgeous, moving images from this technically difficult technique was amazing. if you ever get the chance to see a mezzotint exhibit i highly recommend it.

* so after being inspired by the exhibits i walked around worcester taking a few rolls of film. don’t know what will come of them, but you never know. for about 45 mins i sat on a street corner, by the main bus stop and took candid people shots. i am not as brave as secret agent josephine in asking people if i could take their photo, so i did it sneakily. one guy came up to me and asked me what i was taking pictures of. when i replied, people, he asked me if that was an invasion of privacy? after that my heart wasn’t in it. i guess he is right. while the photos are for my own use, i do post some of my pictures up on flickr . guess i will just have to be more brave and ask people for their permission. but the whole point of candid shots is to get people off guard and in their natural state. only animals can really ignore the camera. don’t know where i stand on this point anymore.

* last night i had myself a little picnic on my living room floor. i picked up take away curry and drank some merlot. i hadn’t had a curry for over 2 years, which is almost unheard of since back home i would have one every couple of weeks. thankfully i stumbled upon this restaurant and it was good.

* veggie boy asked me if i wanted to spend christmas with him and his family in vermont. this came out of the blue and surprised me. i told him i would see if i could get a few days off work, as my boss is a scrooge and doesn’t believe in christmas. it did of course make me feel warm an fussy inside (yeah i know, corny) and i reckon i will go.

* on today’s agenda – nothing followed by more of nothing. i have a very annoying cough. no dvds to watch and a stack of work reading staring down at me, which realistically i will not get to.

* i've decided to let you know when i add new photos, incase you are interested.

* i've added a few new photos which i took today.