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halloween eve

seeing veggie boy is going to be a challenge in stamina, and i am not talking about in the bedroom. that may very well be the case but i donít know yet. if i wanted to see him last night i had to dash off to the pub he works at after class. class finished at 10pm, i was at the pub 25 minutes later. we have a few beers, talk to some people and then i walk him home. i tell him i canít stay because i have work work to do and i am working a big wedding tomorro9w to. just come in for a bit. well a bit turned into an hour while we messed around a little and he showed me photos he had taken with his homemade pin hole. i get home at 2.30am, needing to get up at 9. i still havenít gotten a costume ready for my first halloween party, which after finishing the wedding i will show up at, at about midnight. thankfully i will be able to sleep in on sunday, but i am expecting a call from another friend who found a good deal on a medium format camera and needs a lift to pick it up an hour away from here. i better stock up on vitamins.