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veggie boy

so i am kind of seeing this boy. as i already mentioned, when i first moved to worcester i practically lived at the pub down the road. i went there so much i hung out with some of the staff on their nights off. that’s where i met the veggie boy. we hung out a little, kissed once and then i stopped going to the pub. about two weeks ago, when the sox/yankees series began i went back to the pub, after a 2 year hiatus, to watch the games and to drink. one night i am sitting at the bar alone when the bar girl comes over and says that a secret admirer has bought me a drink. i look around the room and there is only one person there that i recognise, veggie boy. i walk over to him and thank him for the drink and we start chatting. he is still working at the pub but recently got promoted to kitchen manager. it was like we never spent 2 years apart, as if we were meant to be friends. that night the two of us went out drinking and got totally smashed. at 3am we are standing outside my apartment building saying goodbye to one another when he tells me that he wants me to come home with him and spend the night. no sex, just spooning, ‘you can wear your clothes and shoes if you want’. he wants to wake up next to me. this kind of freaks me out and i say no. a long discussion ensued where i told him i was in a fucked up head space, that i couldn’t guarantee anything, that we’d only just met up again and i didn’t want to spoil that. he tells me that he just wants to spend one night next to me. i say good night and go into my apartment.

next game finds me at the pub again, knowing full well that after he finished work he would come downstairs to the bar. he does, he apologises for being too pushy the other night, i say no worries. he says want a drink, i say of course. we talk for the rest for the night. repeat every single game of the sox/yankees series. i go to the pub, he finishes work and we watch the rest of the game together, talk and drink.

last night we had what would be considered a ‘date’. he had the night off and so we went to his favourite bar to watch game 3 of the world series. we talked, held hands, cuddled and watched the game. he introduced me to all his friends. we made plans to go to a halloween party together on saturday night.

there is one thing the matter though. while i feel really comfortable with him, while i could look into his blue eyes all night, while i could fall asleep in his arms, i don’t find him physically attractive. he is the total opposite of my ‘type’. veggie boy is short, he’s fat, he wears these stupid wooden beads, yet i almost melt when he touches me and i feel normal around him and he makes me laugh. i don’t know what is going on. i’ve never been in this situation before.

so anyway, i don’t really know what is going on. he is working a lot because they are short staffed at the moment and he doesn’t finish until after 10pm, so if i want to see him i have to wait until then, and even then he is tired and sometimes cranky. but ‘tis true what they say… when you least expect it, something happens.