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this weekend i found myself spending more time away from my apartment than in it. for me this is big. normally on the weekends i hide myself away and only venture out after the sun goes down, that way if there are people around they may not recognise me in the dark.

saturday morning after talking to my folks i went around taking landscape photos. in one of my photo classes i am learning a new technique to get better exposed negatives. suffice to say when i was in class everything made sense, but when i went out by myself i stuffed up big time and so i probably ruined a while roll of film. ah well film is cheap. since i wrote down everything i did, i am hoping my teacher will be able to look at what i did and set me straight.

i love photographing in the morning. mornings, if i can get myself out of bed, are my favourite time of the day. i love the silence, the light, the feeling that anything can happen. mornings are full of hope.

saturday afternoon and evening i baby sat for a friend. her brother was getting married and they trusted me enough with their two and half month old. i felt really honoured that they asked me and while they couldnít thank me enough, i couldnít thank them enough. the baby was great. she only cried when she needed a feed, a change or wanted to be rocked to sleep. she has recently started to smile so it was easy to gauge if the little songs, noises and games i was singing and playing made her happy. i am not sure why, but i revert to Croatian when i have a baby in my arms, so i sang her every Croatian nursery rhyme i could remember and when i ran out of those i sang world war 2 nationalistic songs. i talked to her in Croatian and she talked to me in 2 month old speak and we understood each other perfectly. when her folks returned from the wedding, she was asleep in her crib and the dog and i were on the floor playing. i stayed over that night and the next morning when she first saw me she smiled. her folks said i could baby sit anytime.

the only time i have seen my niece she was as old as the baby i looked after last night. iíve spent more time with my friends baby than my own niece, this makes me sad, but i guess it is my choice to be here.

so the next day i was invited to a brunch at my friends parents house. i spent the morning sipping coffee and soaking in the beautiful sun on their back deck. in the afternoon i had a catering job working at a political fundraiser. out of 700 invites that were sent out 25 people showed up. apparently another party had been organised for that same afternoon and the woman who organised the party likened the whole think to a high school popularity contest. when the people at the parties donít treat me like a servant and actually smile at me, i quite like working these gigs. i get to see how the other half lives. the massive mansions, the tennis courts and pools, the beautiful endless gardens, the art in the houses, the well equipped kitchens. the house i was at yesterday is in the same street that larry bird had a house on when he played for the celtics. we are talking serious money. these people that i worked for yesterday also had a fully equipped second kitchen in their basement, along with their home gym and a flat screen plasma tv that was 5 feet long. although as well all know, no amount of money can by taste and that was the case here. scattered all over the gardens were concrete cherubs, angels, saints, ducks, turtles, frogs etc etc. all totally kitsch.

sunday night i found myself listening to my niece talking gibberish to me over the phone, boy can the girl talk, just like her mother. after that i watched the first three and half episodes of the second season of queer as folk on dvd and then slept like a baby.

so while i spent most of the weekend away from my place, i spent sufficient time alone not to be completely freaked out by the groups of people i had to deal with. pretty good mix me thinks.