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waking life

the workings of the brain and our subconscious constantly amaze me. if i could, i would spend a lot of time reading about how the brain works, what areas are used for different processes, the experiments designed to test the hypotheses, the results obtained and generally how it all ties together. true to my ‘all talk, no action’ nature, i have never picked up a book on any of these subjects. the closest i have come to learning about these things is watching one of alan alda’s pop science documentaries on pbs.

so what triggered all this? well last night i dreamt, for the third time about a person i have never met, just conversed with via emails. she has become a real friend, one whose advise i look forward to getting, cos she is wise, very wise and has common sense and cos she is real and genuine. so anyway, i have only seen a couple of pictures of her and her new beau. in the first two dreams, neither of them made an appearance. the dreams took place in her apartment (which i have never been to or seen) and while she was around, she wasn’t physically around. scenes from her stories and pictures played out in the dreams.

last night though i dreamt of her and her beau. i played street cricket with him. i amazed at how much more beautiful my friend was in ‘real’ life than in pictures, porcelain like skin, i remember thinking. again people and objects passed through the dream that she has photographed. i remember a rose farmer only allowing me permission to photograph his roses at a certain angle. i politely declined. the two of them appeared very much in love, although she did seem a bit sad. her home was different in this dream. it was a house, on some land, out in the country.

i use to have reoccurring dreams of getting into fights and punching people, but in my dreams i had no power and when contact was made with the person it was soft and weak. i then started to take hapkido and tae kwon do and the dreams stopped. i also use to have dreams about driving a manual car, and blowing out the gear box and being on a hill and rolling uncontrollably because i couldn’t do that thing with the clutch and the revs that makes you stationary. then i had a few manual car driving lessons with a mate and learnt how to shift and do that thing with the clutch and the revs and i never had another one of those dreams.

ok, so i have 2 points to make. firstly, if i continue to have dreams about this friend, then history dictates that there is only one way to stop them. so my dear friend, if you are reading this, don’t freak out about the possibility of me having to meet you, you know so i can move onto other dreams. and secondly, my friend rocks, BIG TIME.

p.s. a humongous hug and thank you to alex llyod for introducing me to a totally fantastic individual.