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my weekend

saturday night i worked a very hoity toity birthday party. it was held at the birthday boys house which was palatial. it had a tennis court, a 25m indoor pool, a spa, more silver than i have ever seen in my life and every wall was adorned by massive pieces of art work. i didn’t recognize any of them, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t famous. some of them were even pretty good. apparently the birthday boy came from humble beginnings. his favourite hors d’oeuvre are teeny weenys and his favourite cake an icebox cake. i had never heard of these before that night. it was funny to see the reaction of the some the guests when i went around with the teeny weeny platter. people either stuck their nose up at me for trying to serve them these very common hors d’oeuvres or they were delighted because they hadn’t had them in years. all the guests, even the 9 year old kids seemed so confident but some of them it seemed to me, had an inflated sense of self. one woman was trying to explain to an eleven year old girl if it was better to be rich or to be famous. i wish i could have stuck around to hear her explanation, but alas i missed out. it was definitely an interesting evening and on more occasions than i can remember i was made to feel like ‘the help’. it was a far cry from the crowd i worked with last weekend.

on sunday i took my first trip through the berkshires. i now know why people rave about the area. it really is very picturesque and i have scouted out a couple of mountains i would like to climb. i was told to go and visit the bridge of trees at shellburne falls. ok i thought, sounds kinda interesting. people that have seen some of my flower pics now automatically tell me where there are flowers i should take pics of. i usually take the comments in the spirit in which they were intended but sometimes i think, ‘shut the fuck up please, i take photos when i feel like it, not when you say i should’, but i digress. so we rock up to shellbourne falls and i immediately fall in love with the tiny little town. it is basically 1 street and has more lovely cafes, bookstore and galleries than stinky old worcester. it even had a herbal pharmacy for crying out loud! the buildings are painted bright colours and everyone seems so friendly, a little scarily so. so we spent a couple hours wandering from store to store, i mean there really was a lot to look at. there was a glass gallery which wasn’t sensational but we were able to watch the glass blowers do their magic. those poor bastards, it was close to 90F outside and they were sweating their asses off working with hot molten glass. so we then went to look at the bridge of flowers. here are two pics of the bridge. when i saw the bridge from the view of the top picture i thought ‘good thing the town was so interesting cos this is a pile of bollocks’ but then when we ventured onto the bridge and i saw the view from the second pic i thought ‘this is kinda ok, my mum would like this, plus it’s good for the town, gets people in’.