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how does one acquire confidence? is it something that is built up internally or is it primarily from external sources, or is it a combination of the two? does the constant encouragement from others slowly stimulate the confidence seed that we have inside us which in turn grows as we start to believe it? how can you be confident in one aspect of your life and not in any other?

for me, confidence is something i have always struggled with. this is not unique to me, most people, if not everyone, struggle too. unfortunately i donít think there is one aspect in my life or personality that i can say i am confident in, in a positive manner that is. there are many negative things i am confident about. i am confident that every morning i will wake up to a new growth on my face. i am confident that i will never be happy with how i look. i am confident that i will never be a world known scientist. i am confident i will never find a boy that looks at me the way my sisterís husband looks at her. i am confident that i will never be satisfied with what i do. i am confident i will never be confident.