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ploughing through

it amazes me how people i have never met can influence me so much. perhaps itís because they donít know me that i value their opinions more than the opinions of family and friends. these people only know me by what i show them, specially my words here and my photos. they arenít biased like my family who have to love me and encourage me. they arenít biased like my friends because i listen to their problems, i help them with renovations or because i make them laugh. recently, i have received very encouraging comments about my photos from complete strangers. it has spurred me on to try and sell some of them. i feel however that i am in over my head. i have spent the last week researching hosts, coming up with a design for a website, learning and writing code. my head is bursting. quite a few times iíve wanted to throw it in because itís too hard. itís all so slow going and i donít expect that the site will be up anytime soon. but anything really worth it doesnít come on a platter to most of us right?