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someone asked to buy one of my prints! not only that, but basquette even posted about it. that is just wow!

a little while ago i put a one liner on my photo page saying that if anyone wanted to buy any of them they should email me. it was feeble attempt at marketing myself, i mean really the traffic to this site is analogous to traffic passing through a ghost town. if i was really serious about selling my stuff i would put my photos onto a site that allows you to sell you stuff. so even though i put that line up and friends and family tell me the photos are good, i never thought anyone would want to pay for any of them. two friends of mine who are artistically inclined, have been pushing me to get a portfolio together and have an exhibition. when i hear the words portfolio and exhibition i shudder. in the last photography class i took, there was a guy who constantly talked about building up his portfolio and having exhibitions. unfortunately, i didnít think his photos were much chop, but thatís just my opinion. i know i sound like a snob, but for me they were more like happy snaps. when he would tell people what his plans were, no one said anything to him, they just smiled and nodded. i guess iím afraid that if i do decide to get my act together, i will be wasting my time because i will be like that guy in class, thinking i am good enough and mistaking the smiles and nods for Ďplease get me the hell away from this chick with the ordinary picturesí. really itís not hard to take good photos when you have a good camera and while i have taken shocking photos with my good cameras, the equipment does make a big difference. the other thing is there are so many people out there who take great photos, that are works of art. who am i to think i can put myself alongside them in terms of quality?

i donít know. i have been thinking about this more and more lately and for the immediate future iíll probably just keep thinking and not doing. i find it interesting that i had no qualms about packing up my life, moving half way across the world by myself to work in an area of science that i knew nothing about, but am terrified to publicly show my photos.

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