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my advice to boys

i have been oscillating between wanting to be in a relationship and wanting to remain single. the reasons for wanting to be in a relationship are obvious, love, companionship, support, having a cook etc etc. the reasons why i want to stay single are a bit demented. every few months i get these really really painful under the skin festering pimples. iím not just talking about your pubescent type. mine grow and grow and usually take about 3 weeks before they mature, at which point they have the diameter of a penny and they stick out, giving my face an unwanted added dimension . then they naturally pop and take about another 3 weeks to heal, but i am left with a scar. i get these all over my face and the down time between Ďepisodesí isnít very long. when people talk to me, their eyes are fixed on the alien growth on my face. these growths really arenít very attractive and this is why i think it would be better to be single. i wouldnít want to subject my boy to having to look at me when i have these things growing on my face. i mean if you are overweight you can still be beautiful, but you canít be beautiful if you have these disgusting growths on your face.

so to any boys who were thinking of being in a relationship with me, donít. trust me i am doing you a favour.

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