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dressing down part II

so the meeting with my boss this morning. yes well, he wasnít as harsh as i thought he was going to be, but he was still pretty harsh. he did acknowledge that my lack of results was not from lacking of trying, but he did pretty much say to me, Ďwork smarter, not harderí. i wanted to tell him that that was easy if you were smart, but i got where i am by working hard, but i didnít.

he told me that he was going to start hassling me more for results. i wanted to tell him that if the techniques arenít working, him hassling me wonít make the results just appear, but i didnít.

he told me that he wanted me to get results not just for his career, but for mine also, so i could get a job afterwards. i wanted to tell him that after i leave this job, iím not going to be working in science anymore, but i didnít.

he told me he wanted this projected wrapped up ASAP. i wanted to tell, no fucking kidding, so do i. for crying out loud i have been working on this project for 2 years now, donít you think that i am sick of it, but i didnít.

there were a lot of things that i didnít tell him, you know why, because itís not worth it. i donít really care. trish suggested that perhaps i need a break, yeah a 2 year break. i can tell you now a weeks holiday is not going to make a squat of difference. the only thing that could possibly make an iota of difference is if i suddenly had a breakthrough with this project, otherwise iím going to stick out this job until my fellowship is up and then i will go home. i donít know if i will be happy or what i will do, but i will be with family and friends.

so as far as dressing downs go, this one didnít really rate.

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