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constructive criticism

in our second last photo class last night we mounted our pictures onto mat boards, that we cut ourselves i might add, and they look so professional!! even the weakest pictures look fantastic. one girl in class told me she really loved my look, that i had a good eye Ė aww shucks. itís great to get positive feedback, but i feel i am lacking constructive criticism.

most people cannot understand me going through 5 rolls of film in a day or taking 400 photos on my fantastic new digital camera. they ask what i am taking photos of and laugh at me when i contort my body into awkward looking poses trying to take pictures from different angles. i have a few people around me who are very supportive and encouraging and they make a difference but i don't really have anyone to really critique my pictures and help me develop both the technical side and the artistic side. perhaps in the next class i take there will be more critiquing.

i must look the part though. on saturday i was at a celtic festival, snapping pictures and one guy came up and asked me if i worked for a newspaper. he wanted me to take photos of someone he knew who was in the pipe band and try and get his picture in the paper. so i have the photographers crouch, now for the photographers quality photos.

my bestest friend has been showing the pics i send her to her work colleagues. some have asked if i sell them. this put a seed in my head. perhaps i could sell some of them. it wouldnít take too much effort to post them onto one of the sites that does that sort of thing. but then reality hits and i think thereís no way i could do that. itís just a hobby, my happy snaps, why would anyone want them, so many better pictures out there. i havenít totally discounted the idea yet and itís something that will probably bounce around in my head for a while, but there is no way i am going to give up my day job. this is after all just a hobby.

update on the rolls film that were exposed to light, only parts of 3 rolls were ruined, so not too bad. but the girl just doesnít think. she ran out of paper and asked me for some. i was outside at the discussion table, in light, and handed her my box of paper. she started to take the lid off the box, right there in the light. ARGHHH!!!! in the dark i yelled, she blushed and slinked into the darkroom. i joked that she was trying to ruin me, but seriously, did she learn anything in class?!?!?