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the light, the LIGHT!

last night i had my first darkroom disaster. i had quite a lot of film to develop. nine rolls, yeah i know i went crazy this week. i did a fair bit of experimenting and i had the film, so why not huh? well i was in the dark darkroom rolling film onto spools and someone opened the door. ARGHHH. i shrieked like a little girl and doubled over trying to protect my film from the light. the light, the light! i thought this is what a vampire must feel like when hit with light. i swore constantly under my breath for a while and then swore out loud for quite a while when i realised that i had 2 rolls sitting in spools on the bench. please, please let them be the softball roll and not my other ones. the person who walked in, was very very apologetic and felt really bad. i had calmed down enough to reassure her that these things sometimes happen and that it was ok. i joked that if the film was from an overseas trip then the medics would have been needed, but since they were just me wondering about my town, me messing around with friends and some still lifes then she shouldn’t worry. by the end of the night she felt better than i did. a quick look see revealed that only parts of 2 rolls were damaged – whew.

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