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elephant girl

a while ago i decided i wasn’t going to go through with the orthodontic work that i thought i needed. partly because it was too expensive ($4700, that’s without counting the extraction fees, the microscrews that he wanted to put into my upper palette and the other consultation fees) and partly because when i had my hour long consultation with the dentist i felt like he was a slick used car salesman giving me his very polished sales pitch. he told me my chin was too pointy and that i should consider have a very simple surgical procedure where it would be filed down giving me a nicer profile. apparently everyone is doing it. at that point my eyes glazed over and i didn’t listen to anything else, except when he very quickly glossed over the price, at which point my ears twitched and i had to ask him again to repeat the price a lot more slowly this time.

the other day i got a letter in the mail from the dentist. this is what he wrote….

you exhibit a front to back shift of your teeth and arches, strong chin, moderate overbite and overjet, moderate crowding, upper lateral incisors towards the lips, upper central incisors upright dentally, unerupted wisdom, teeth, insufficient space for the upper right wisdom tooth, a periodontic history of a low upper midline frenum, flat lower jaw angle, temporomandibular joint, history of hypermobile ligaments and a history of clenching.

wow, i didn’t know i looked like the elephant man or like this guy that i found a few weeks ago.

talk about kicking a girl when she’s down.