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4th of july celebrations

the 4th of july celebrations remind me very much of new years eve celebrations back home. itís summer time, people are relaxed and mostly in a good mood. the weather is warm. there are crowds everywhere you go, and the fashions are rich. fireworks are anticipated all day long. the smaller towns have their own fireworks displays that cannot compare to the extravagant displays put on by the big cities. family and friends come over for a bbq. alcohol is just as plentiful as fireworks.

yesterday i celebrated my third 4th of july on the charles river. i didnít however wake up on a beach somewhere, as i have done on several new years dayís. i didnít get absolutely saturated from water fights and i didnít wake up with a hangover this morning.

anyone that says the crowds are not worth the effort to go into boston to see the fireworks are just making excuses. the crowds are definitely worth the spectacular displays of fireworks and patriotic finery *cough*. this year i tried to take photos. i took over 60 shots, with any luck i might get one or two that are close to just right.

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