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warning - dr with tie!

saw an article in the age online today relating the findings of some israeli researchers. the researchers found that if your doctor wears a tie then he could be putting your health at risk.

neckties from doctors' at a new york teaching hospital found just under half harboured disease-causing bacteria. the hospital's security personnel were also examined and it was found that the doctor’s ties had a much higher chance of carrying bacteria than the security personal.

so my question is this. most of the doctors wear lab coats right? so did they measure the levels of bacteria on these lab coats and if so did they find higher levels of bacteria on the lab coats of the doctors than say on the coats of the security staff? my guess would be that the bacterial levels would be higher on the doctors coats than on the security’s coats. anything that comes into close contact with sick people for most of the day is bound to have bacteria, be it a tie, a scarf or a lab coat. so to minimise the transmission of bacteria and allow male doctors to maintain ‘an aura of professionalism’ which ‘has been correlated with higher patient confidence’ why don’t all doctors, male and female wear dsiposable aprons or smocks?

just a thought.

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