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my intuition is usually spot on. the couple of times i have gone against it i have been sorry. over the past couple of years i have come across this one particular girl who looked interesting to me. sometimes we would see each other on the bus or at the bus stop, then when my boss got a promotion and we moved buildings, we moved into the same building she worked in. we would pass each other in the hallway, nod but never say a word. i wanted to get to know her but was too shy to just go up and say hi. i donít know what made her look interesting to me. she has this way about her, you almost knew from looking at her she didnít care what anyone thought of her. she looked independent and strong. about a month ago, while waiting for the instructor to show up for my first drawing class, who should walk in, but that same girl. we acknowledged each other and the next day at work i saw her in the hallway and we briefly talked. since then we go to class together, and i drop her off at home, weíve gone to the movies together and had a few beers and we have talked a lot. in so many ways our lives are parallel, itís amazing. it goes beyond the foreigners in another country thing, and the early 30ís single, no savings, no possessions, no career prospects, what am i going to do with my life thing too. iíve told her things i have only ever told my best friend (who i know wonít judge me) or have only posted here, because no one i know reads this. iíve always been pretty good at sussing people out and i could tell pretty much from the beginning that i was going to like her. she seems to be as comfortable with me as i am with her so perhaps she needed to meet me like i needed to meet her.

it still amazes me how i always seem to meet a certain type of person when i need them the most, or is it that i allow myself to connect with people at this time?