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pizza face

i donít know what is up with the universe but it is not hearing me. for a while now i have been asking the universe to rid my body of the stupid pimples i have been getting since my early twenties. at first i wasnít greedy, i asked that if still had to get them then could they just not be on my face. i could handle them on my shoulders or my back, you know places that can be covered up easily. but no they still appeared on my face and on my back and on my chest and on my shoulders. and iím not talking about little pimples, iím talking about big whoppers that sit under the skin for months at a time and are red and sore and when they eventually erupt gooey pus oozes out of them for hours and i am left with a scar. i have scars on top of scars on top of new pimples. they never go away. itís not like i am asking the universe to help me without me helping myself. i have found that some foods trigger an outbreak so i have cut those out of my diet, i have tried endless lotions and potions. i had taken antibiotics for a while but was informed that i had to take them for the rest of my life and that was more unpleasant than the bloody spots. i get them everywhere. i donít think one part of my face has been untouched by a pimple at some stage. i have had them on my earlobes, my eyebrows, even my eyelids. each morning i dread looking at myself in the mirror, i dread seeing how many new little ísurprisesí have popped out overnight. itís embarrassing to have as many ugly spots at 31 as a pubescent teenage boy. they affect my mood and there is no way makeup can cover them up. the makeup just conceals their redness but it canít rid them of the house and garden they have established on my face.

please oh please universe, i am begging you now, rid my face of these bloody spots.