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shattered confidence

havenít felt much like writing anything since i got dissed by mr disser. there probably arenít many people out there who take an interest in my blog or even read it and thatís ok because i mostly blog for myself, but mr dissers dissing has left me afraid to voice my opinion, which is totally and utterly stupid since it is my blog, no one reads it and i can pontificate or not. is my confidence that weak that i can lose the confidence i had built up slowly and anonymously online with one word? the word pontificate will haunt me for a long time. or perhaps i am making a big deal out of nothing, but that word and mr disser knows his words so he wouldnít have used that word in the wrong context. i canít get over it. i know it sound trivial but itís a big deal to me that i can get so affected by it.

i should just get over myself and the whole pontificate thing and stop thinking about things that i should obviously not be thinking or writing about.