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pontificate this!

i’ve been dissed and thanked the guy that for doing it.

so i responded to an entry mr disser made about friendship. i had been thinking about the topic for a while and then came across his post and commented, as one does. i mentioned my thoughts on the topic, as i had on a few other occasions. mr disser and i had even exchanged a couple emails that were helpful to me about pervious posts. he always came across as an intelligent, friendly and sincere person. he seems less so now, but that’s only because he back handed me. mr disser then he posts a new entry in response to my comment. he opens up the entry with ‘ chlamygirl pontificates….’. i read the entry, he was able to articulate what i wasn’t and i responded in his comments section by saying thanks for articulating my thoughts. then i went away and thought pontificate, hmmm, that’s a diss right? so i looked it up. pontificate – ‘to express opinions or judgments in a dogmatic way’. look up dogmatic – ‘characterized by an authoritative, arrogant assertion of unproved or unprovable principles’. so what mr disser was saying was that what i had commented on i had no way of proving and that i was arrogant and in some way shoving my opinion down his and his readers throats. what i wrote may be unprovable but i was relating it to my own experience. and in his post he goes on and talks a little about his own experiences and then goes on a lot about theoretical stuff. if that’s not pontificating then i don’t know what is!

so 3 things got me riled about the situation. one is that first of all i thanked him for dissing me. secondly, a couple of other people gave him glowing praises and kudos for his wonderful (pontificating) entry, and thirdly i cannot even anonymously in cyberspace escape from getting dissed.