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drawing talent, why have you foresaken me?

it’s official, i suck at drawing. definitely not a natural. last night in class we learnt sighting and perspective. e, our instructor, set up a bunch of whited-out bottles and vases on a black background and we were to chose 4 or 5 closest and draw those. it took me 3 hours to draw my still life. i erased more than i drew. while i seemed to get the positions of the bottles correct it took me a very long time to get the shapes right. i knew that the curves i was drawing was not what was i was seeing, and it became frustrating. e, goes around and looks at everybody’s drawings, offering encouragement and help. on her way round to me i hear, ‘that’s great, you are really getting it’, and ‘ wow you’ve nailed it’. then she gets to me ‘hmmm, i think i see what you are drawing’, my body slumps, well at least she could kind of see what i was drawing. again i snuck a peek at a couple others sketch pads and their drawings were magnificent, and they seem to draw them with such ease. i know i have to practice more. at the beginning of the class the process was fun, but then i began to get really frustrated and it wasn’t fun anymore. i know that if i was at home i would have given up. perhaps i am trying too hard. ah well, i will just have to practice a lot. the trick is to find and make time to practice. i haven’t had the courage to look at what i drew last night, maybe after some more practice.

i can do this.