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funny cos it's true

you have to check this out, it really is funny.

i have decided to change my template. it's a bit too dark for spring and i figure if i want to get out of the rut i am in i'm going to try and change the little things, one of them being my template.

i really really really like the our cafeteria lady. she's the best. if you are a little short, hey no worries, and if you try to give her the difference the next day, she tells you to keep it. on my way to work i stopped off at the atm because i only had 75 cents on me (this is why i still think i am a kid, i never have more than $20 in my pocket) and got $20 out. so i usually get a coffee from the caf lady but it's a bit bastardy to expect her to be able to change a 20 first thing in the morning. so she lets me take it and i can pay her later in the day. ok so i may not seem like much, but there are a lot of people out there with the 'not my problem' attitude, or will change it for you and later bitch about you to everyone within ear shot. i really like our caf lady.

ok, my comments link isn't coming up, was working yesterday - ugg