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new music and tears

a bunch of the music i bought with the amazon voucher i got for my birthday came yesterday and today, yeah new music. not that i donít love the music i have, itís just fantastic to listen to new music, stuff that i donít hear on the radio. i have only had a chance to put the music onto my mp3 player as yet, so i'll be listening to the cds on continuous rotation over the weekend.

the tech in our lab, tech j, that borrows my mp3 player to listen to when doing tissue culture. he absolutely detests norah jones, i mean with a passion, itís kind of disturbing how passionate he is about how much he dislikes her music, almost like she burned him. perhaps itís because the girl who cannot be named (his ex) liked her, hmm iíll have to ask him about that. so to get under his skin in a playful way, i have put her two albums on a card and the next time i he asks to use my player iíll put that card in the player. his reaction will be priceless.

i laughed a lot today, so hard that i had tears running down my face. it was all so stupid and silly, but it felt good to have such a hard laugh, itís been a while. i was describing one of the cds i got to tech j. it is utter crap, marc broussard - momentary setback, total sentimental, unoriginal, soppy crap. when tech j asked to listen to the mp3 player i warned him that he would hate me when he heard that album, so he stood there and listened to the title track, and the look on his face made me burst out into laughter. we began making up equally pathetic lyrics to match those on the album, although there was no way we could rival them. hilarity all around.

tech j is involved in a fantasy baseball league, and he is sucking big time!! he is really far below everyone and unless every player not on his team is wiped out, he will remain rock bottom. itís a very bad blow to his ego as he fits the 20 something, american jock boy stereotype, so for him to suck so much with the fantasy baseball is kind of funny. he blames some stats that are counted that he knew nothing about in the beginning and that are unique to this fantasy league. yeah right, whatever makes you feel better. one of the techs in the lab next to us tech d, is also playing in that league, there are 11 of them playing in total. tech d is second last but when you ask him what position he is he says 10th, boys are funny that way. so i told him he was doing good he was in the top 10 and tech j was just outside the top 10. tech j wasnít amused at my jibes, oh well, the ego is a fragile thing, as i know all too well.