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lovely day

my mum called me in the morning and i got to talk to all my family.

2 beautiful bouquets arrived at work for me, which of course meant that everybody in the lab next to mine knew it was my birthday and wished me a happy birthday. i have a package waiting for me at ups which i will pick up today.

i found myself singing in the car very loudly on my drive to work.

it was a beautifully sunny warm day.

i got an amazon voucher so i will get some new cds.

went out to lunch with my lab and then later that evening went out for a lovely to the sole dinner with c. c also got me a set of 11 glass bowls from williams sonoma, so now i can pretend i have my own cooking show with the requisite glass bowls.

i also got a book from birmingham boy that is very special to him and he wanted to share that with me king cotton thomas armstrong. its a second hand copy, hard cover bound in red canvas, it looks absolutely brilliant.

lots of birthday emails and ecards.

i was a good day that i enjoyed, the kind that make birthdays special.