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my birthday wishlist

for my birthday i want:

1. to be with my family

2. a white rose – because “a white rose given to young lady signifies that the gentleman giving it esteems her love of the purest and most spotless kind that can be found in the innocent hearts of the gentle creatures of his acquaintance”

3. to be in love with a boy that loves me (and lives in the same town as me)

4. to be comfortable with myself

5. to not be so self deprecating and critical (variation of 4, i know)

6. to finally begin to make progress at work

7. to dance

8. for it be a sunny, beautiful day

9. for the first thing i hear to be ‘happy birthday sweetie’

10. birthday wishes from my friends

11. real friends in this town

12. motivation

13. creativity

14. a puppy

15. to feel romantic love

16. for one or some of my friends from back home to show up on my doorstep shouting “SURPRISE”

17. to feel special

18. to have a song/poem/story written for me

19. a handmade present or card

20. a new pair of sneakers

21. a new hair colour

22. new music

23. a canon powershot g3 digital camera

24. a birthday cake

25. to have coffee brought to me in bed

26. to cry from laughter

27. to not feel sad and lonely

28. to not be so geeky

29. to be more confident

30. to trust myself, my ideas and my opinions

31. to recognise my talent

32. to be kissed lovingly on the mouth

33. to not be a closet romantic

34. to not babble so much

35. to not be so hung up about being single

36. to be more active

37. to be rid of my acne

38. a magnolia tree

39. to be more creative

40. to be happy