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fresh air

i opened all my windows this evening when i got home from work. after 6 months or more of the apartment being sealed up for winter i swear i could hear it exhale the old carbon monoxide air and inhale the fresh oxygen rich spring air. of course a few hours later i had to put a jumper on and close all the windows because the fresh air was getting too fresh.

there's a lot of construction going on at the hospital and med school at the moment. when i looked out my window today over toward what was going on, the workers in their hard hats on the roof of the building and on the scaffolding looked like little lego people. i started imagining my big oversized hand coming from out of the sky rearranging these lego men and finishing the construction work in no time.

there is a funeral home directly across the street from my work building. for a very long time the huge tree in it's from yard had a yellow ribbon tied around it. yersterday i noticed that the ribbon was gone, and even though i disagree with the current political climate, i was happy that someone had returned safely to their family and home. but then i thought, does the ribbon come down if the person has died and their body is returned to their family home? the smile soon left my face.

tomorrow's my 31st birthday, i've already gotten a couple of birthday wishes from my family back home. my mum called me earlier to wish me a happy birthday. 'even though i know it isn't your birthday there yet, but you were born here and here it is your birthday so i wanted to call you now, ok i have to go now, love you'. i love my crazy woman mum, and she wonders were my oddities have stemmed from. i'm compling my birthday wish list, most of the listed item are unrealistic for this year, most of them i can live without and a very few of them i would die for. oh i went to the library this evening to pick up a copy of craig thompson's good-bye chucky rice that i heard of from loobylu's site. crabby old librarian woman after checking the book out flicked through it and asked me what it was about. i told her i didn't know, but that it came highly recommended. she looked at the front cover and said 'hump, craig thompson' to which i asked 'what you don't like him?' but she didn't reply, she just turned her back and started talking to one of the not so crabby librarians. now i can't wait to get into it.