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shopping spree

did a lot of driving yesterday. the weather was lovely. the day started off by setting stuff up at work, then met up with K and M for breakfast, then went back to work to finish off some stuff, then time for errands. i finally got to the recycling place and dumped all my empties. one of the workers there commented that i could get a lot of money there for the stubbies. it was true, but as i pointed out to him, i barely made it to the tip, so i wasn't going to berate myself because i didn't get my 5 cent refund for each bottle. i again have space in my living room closet, no more jamming the vacuum cleaner in there and quickly slamming the door shut so that it doesn't toppel out.

went furniture shopping too. looked for a kitchen table. i found one on the web that i liked and the price wasn't too bad, but if i could find something locally then i wouldn't have to pay for shipping. i went to 4 different furniture places and didn't find anything. so i may just have to order the table over the web. one place i looked at building 19, didn't have what i was looking for but they had some very very inexpensive books. i picked up a few trashy novel, and also Meyer Schapiro's book of his own art work, i figured i could copy the sketches, giving me something to practice with. when i got home and unpacked my things i noticed i unwittingly shoplifted 2 packets of mints. they must have been in the plastic bag that the cashier put my books in, so now i have stolen mints. i considered going back but a) i couldn't be bothered driving all the way back there and b) it was an honest mistake made by someone else and in total the mints cost $1.

i bought an early birthday present for myself, a betta. he is very cute with beautiful colouring, purple/blue transitioning to red. when i get a digital camera i'll snap some shots of him i think iihave named him sismis (pronounced shishmish). i say i think because it's the croatian word for bat, but every time i look at him that's the only word in my head, so he may be stuck with that name. he is very cute and a little more active today. i place a mirror up against him earlier and he had a bit of a standoff with his reflection, thinking it was another male come to take over his space. all he really did was try and stare down his ‘opponent', he flared his fins a bit, but that's about it. perhaps he is clever betta and knows that it was just his reflection, or perhaps my siamese fighting fish is a pacifist, yeah i'd like that.

easter morning, sure doesn't feel that way, but then again when you don't have family around nothing really feels like it supposed to.