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WARNING... venting paragraph...


will winter ever end?!?!? snow, there was now on the car this morning, granted not a lot, but still, we are into the second week of april. and this rain, ok so today it's not, i know rain is good for the farmers (thanks R I always think of that phrase when it rains). the wooden door to the back yard actually jams because it is so water logged. usually when people walk in and out of the back yard the door slams shut, and i notice this a lot because my apartment is right next to it. however, this last week i haven't heard the door slam once.


ok my venting paragraph has ended. i bought some daffodils and freshias over the weekend to try and brighten up my mood and my apartment, the flowers certainly did the trick. i found myself on a cleaning spree, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, rescrubbing, pulling things out, reorganising, spring cleaning really. i felt so much better looking around my place and noticing the difference. there are a couple of furniture items i want to replace so i'll have to hit the 2nd hand markets some time soon to try and find those.

i also planted some seedlings from last years left over seeds. i planted red peppers, corriander, basil, parsley and mint. i didn't get much of a crop last year, not sure if it was because the summer wasn't very hot or long, so hopefully this year i will have enough to freeze. i repotted my fern and bought an african violet. when looking from the kitchen into the living room, the purple flowers look brilliant with the green couch slip cover in the background.

did something decadent on saturday.. i put on a windcheater that had come straight out of the dryer. oh it was heavenily, especially since i have been perpetually cold and shivering for the past week.

practiced some sketching on saturday night. i got some pictures out of my cousin and i when we were kids, my mum and a passport photo of A. my sketches all sucked, but i kept at it. i decided to break down the features and practice doing those, so i drew many eyes, many noses and many mouthes. i think my shading is getting slightly better but what i end up with is nothing like what i want it to look like. but i guess practice, practice and still more practice is the key. i know i won't get beyond average in skill, but i hope to get better than i am now.

was jess' birthday on sunday. i got to speak to her twice on the weekend, once when i was talking with mum and she and her dad came over and once on sunday when i called her to wish her a happy birthday. as usual i was slack and didn't get her present to her in time. i did manage to get to LB Wheatons and get the pictures printed out and i made the card, so i will post that and her pressie to her today.